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Chess ClubChess Club is for kids who would like to learn chess or improve their skills. Beginners are welcome as are strong, experienced players. Players are grouped by ability, not age, in the club.


Chess Club will be virtual for Fall 2020! Membership in the club includes two 30-minute online classes per week, daily online play, and participating in the Elementary Team League. Chess Club is offered through our partnership with the U.S. Chess Center.


Participants must be in grades 2 to 6.

Chess Club Registration

Online classes are live with a nationally certified chess coach. Daily online playing sessions at 5 p.m. are structured so that children (in grades 2-6) get to play with other kids at their skill level on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and with kids from their own school on Tuesday and Thursday. The games are rated the same way as when the club was held in-person. Kids may play daily or less frequently but are encouraged to compete at least once per week. The Online Elementary Team League meets bi-weekly on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. Students represent CRS in this fun online league competition with students from other schools.


The virtual session will run from Wednesday, 9/30/2020, to Friday, 1/29/2021, for CRS students in grades 2-6. Students are placed in groups for lessons twice per week - U.S. Chess Center will work with families to find convenient times for the group lessons that do not conflict with distance learning. Also, students may play as many as 5 times per week Monday-Friday at 5:00 p.m. (no additional cost). There will be a short club meeting on Thursdays at 4:55 p.m. with Mr. Mehler. Club Flyer



Check back for details. 

Late Registration and Withdrawal Policy

The U.S. Chess Center allows enrollment and withdrawal from the Chess Club until the third week of the club.


For questions about Chess Club or for help with enrollment, contact

About the U.S. Chess Center

U.S. Chess CenterThe U.S. Chess Center is an award-winning non-profit educational charity. Since 1992 we have taught more than 35,000 children the rules, strategy, discipline, and etiquette of chess. Our teachers are all nationally certified chess coaches trained by David Mehler, one of the first Level V (highest level) coaches in the United States. We teach chess as a means of improving the academic and social skills of our students, so we emphasize sportsmanship and learning to think. Our students have won more than a dozen national championships (including two team championships for CRS) because we make learning chess fun.

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