School Assemblies

School Assemblies enrich the school experience for all of our Churchill Road students. Assemblies occur during the school day for students in grades K to 6. The CRS PTA proudly sponsors many assemblies for our children.


Please note that attendance at assemblies is limited to CRS students.


Questions? Please contact our Assemblies Coordinator.

Integrated Arts Assemblies for 2019-2020 School Year

Corey the Dribbler (October)

Corey Rich is a 4-time Guinness record holder traveling the country to inspire students with the character message R.E.A.D. - Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity, and Don't Bully or Do Drugs. These are the four principles he encourages students to live by!

Drone Science (December)

Drones take STEM to the next level, literally! Cutting edge computer technology makes self-flying vehicles possible, and what they can do is simply amazing. Start with basic physics ideas, add in programming concepts, a bit of math, and create a drone ballet in the air. This program is more than just a drone show, it's a STEM/STEAM show!

Forward Motion BMX (March)

Incorporating an inspirational theme, our professional BMX riders showcase extreme athleticism, years of disciplined practice, and a positive attitude to help guide your students to find their passion in life. Tricks like back-flips and "supermans" enable riders to capture even the most difficult audience's attention and opens a window to present inspirational messages from topics that can influence students to think about their own futures and how they can become positive role models for their community.

African Drum & Dance (May)

Oumar and his group have been coming to the US from Senegal for eight years to bring American schools examples of their cultural heritage and message of unity and each year the show grows in scale and popularity.