After School Enrichment Policies

Full details for policies, dismissal, FAQs and more for ASA (After School Activities) program classes run through Flex Academies (FA) can be found on their website. For any questions that are not addressed on the portal or below, please contact


Quick Links: Dismissal, FAQs, Dependent Care Receipts


Please go over your child’s class or club schedule so that he/she will remember to attend the class/club rather than riding the bus, walking home, or waiting for a ride. Please check the end time of your child’s class/club and remember to pick up your child on time. Buses are not available after classes/clubs end. 


Note: For students in Bobcat Theater, Drumline, Girls on the Run, Kids' Literature Quiz, Math Enrichment, and Science Olympiad A/B, the teachers leading those clubs will provide dismissal procedures and contact information directly to parents of participating students. Students in Chess Club will be dismissed from the cafeteria.


For all ASA classes run through Flex Academies, students being picked up will be escorted to the front lobby by their Instructor. Students enrolled in SACC will be escorted to that program by their Instructor. Students authorized to walk home will be dismissed from their class locations. If your child is not attending ASA that day, please notify Flex Academies through their attendance form. If someone other than the caregiver (or other authorized individuals noted in your account) is picking up the child, then please email the On-Site Coordinator at  


Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are picked up on time from the ASA program classes each day. If a parent or authorized adult arrives more than 10 minutes late to pick up a student, the On-Site Coordinator will issue a late pick-up slip the parent or authorized adult must sign. Flex Academies will then assess a $25 late pick-up fee to the parent. If you will be late, contact the On-Site Coordinator. Repeated late pick-ups may result in dismissal from the program with no refund.


The late pick-up fee policy also applies to classes led by CRS teachers (if you will be late, please contact the respective teacher - note that your message will not be received until the end of class).


For classes managed through Flex Academies, please review the FAQs for general program questions, payments & refunds questions and on-site procedures on their website. Some of the most common questions and answers about ASA are noted below.

Number of Registrations

Students can be registered for up to 5 classes/clubs (1 per day) for each session. Kindergarteners can participate in the Winter and Spring sessions of the ASA program.


Please consider class and club choices carefully as refunds will not be given past the registration period.

  1. For information on withdrawing and requesting a refund prior to the start of a class offered through Flex Academies, please go the Flex's FAQs

  2. For clubs and classes offered directly through the CRS PTA (such as CRS teacher classes, Science Olympiad A/B, Math Enrichment, and Kids' Literature Quiz), requests to withdraw prior to the end of the registration period will be honored, minus a $40 processing fee.

  3. For Chess Club, withdrawals are honored until the third week of the club. 

  4. Requests to withdraw that are received after the close of registration will NOT be refunded.

  5. If your child is asked to withdraw from a class or club due to behavioral issues, no refund will be issued.

Late Registration

Students can be registered for classes through Flex Academies after a session begins if space is available. The class cost will not be prorated. Late registrations cannot be refunded. 


Late registration for classes or clubs through the CRS PTA website is subject to availability in the class/club. Please contact the ASA Coordinator. A non-refundable fee of $40 will be charged. Registrations after the start of a class/club will not be pro-rated.  


For Chess Club, late registrations are accepted until the third week of the club session.

Wait Lists

During open registration, you can request to be added to a wait list for any class through Flex Academies that is full when you try to register. Students will be enrolled if space becomes available. 


For classes and clubs with registration online through the CRS PTA website, openings will be offered in order of wait list position (you will be able to register on our website to join the wait list).

Minimum Class or Club Size Requirements

All classes and clubs have a minimum number of students required to make the class/club feasible to run. If the minimum is not met by the close of registration, the class (for those via Flex Academies) will be canceled and registered parents will have the option to apply the fee paid to another available class (that is not yet full) or receive a full refund. Affected registrants will have 24 hours to request a transfer once notified.


For classes and clubs managed directly through the CRS PTA, parents will be notified by the CRS PTA if the class/club needs to be canceled and refunds will be provided via check.

Students in SACC

For children participating in a before-school ASA class who also are at SACC before school, please make sure to fill out the authorization form (PDF) for SACC to take your child to the class/club. Children participating in after-school activities and who are also in SACC will be dismissed from their homeroom to ASA, and then brought to SACC after their ASA class finishes. (For the authorization form, PDF viewers are available from Adobe Reader or Foxit).

Class and Club Cancellations

In cases of inclement weather and CRS is closed or dismisses early (or delayed start for morning classes), ASA program classes and clubs are canceled. If a Provider needs to cancel a class, they will email the parent/guardian as soon as possible. In cases of emergency where Instructors are not able to get to classes as scheduled, the On-Site Coordinator will call parents/guardians to pick up their children and supervise them until a parent or authorized adult arrives (students in SACC will be sent to that program).


Depending upon the session and availability of make-up class dates, a make-up class may be scheduled for ASA program classes. The Winter session has 2 make-up dates reserved for each class (if more than 2 dates are missed due to inclement weather or snow cancellations, additional make-up dates are not available and no refunds will be issued).

Early Dismissal Days

On days when FCPS has scheduled early dismissal, no ASA classes or clubs are held.

Dependent Care Receipts

Need an ASA invoice for tax deductions or other purposes?

For Classes Registered via Flex Academies

Log in to your account on Flex Academies. Click on "Reports" in the upper-right navigation. Select the year. Click "View Report". Download in PDF or Excel format (drop-down selection).

For Classes Registered via the PTA Website

Log in to your account on our website, if you are not already logged in. Mouse-over "My Account" in the main navigation menu and click on "Previous Orders". This will take you to a page that lists all of the invoices issued to your account. If you click the line of the particular invoice, it will show you the invoice and you can download or print the invoice.

For Classes Paid Directly via Check to the PTA

Email and request a receipt to be emailed to you.