Artist Workshop

Artist Workshop

Social studies, science, art!

Artist Workshop is a CRS PTA sponsored program that presents curriculum topics through the perspective of fine art examples and fun art projects. Our lessons are a combination of art, history, and each grade's curriculum, augmenting students' understanding of the topics that they are studying.


Questions? Contact our Artist Workshop Coordinator.

Artist Workshop Volunteer Signup

Volunteer for Artist Workshop

Do you like volunteering in the classroom and having fun? This is a great opportunity for you! Artist Workshop lessons and projects are often the highlights of the week - it's a great way for parents to connect with students while exposing them to a whole new facet of history, science, and math. No artistic skills or knowledge of art history required - just enthusiasm! 



At our parent orientation, we'll share an overview of how the program works, some lesson and project examples, and tips for having a great workshop. Orientation will be on September 12, from 7-8 p.m. in the Exploratory Arts room.

How Artist Workshop Works:

For each grade, there are 5 Artist Workshop one-hour sessions held throughout the academic year. You will give a short presentation to the students, engaging them in careful looking to understand and create meaning about the artworks. Afterward, students make their own art project reinforcing the session’s objectives. All sessions are specifically tied to classroom topics (science, social studies or math) as well as art curriculum. All the materials you need for each lesson are provided for you - lesson write-up, presentation, and all art project supplies!

Lesson Leader Instructions:

  • Find your lesson write-up in the online folder (the Artist Workshop coordinator will provide)

  • Review the lesson write-up and presentation

  • Email a copy of the presentation to the teacher or put on a thumb drive

  • Pick up your project supplies from the cabinets in the Exploratory Arts Room

  • Go to the classroom and share the wonder and beauty of art. Have fun leading your lesson! 

If you have any questions, please contact our Artist Workshop Coordinator or the CRS Lead Art Teacher, Mrs. Julie Wallace